Tool DVD

In order to show the different features and benefits of some of our premium tools this page has been created because sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Tool 1 Collet Chuck

This clip demonstrates what is known as concentric accuracy or 'runout'. This is how far from perfect centre a rotating tool travels. In standard LEUCO collet chucks this is up to 20 microns of travel in a new chuck and up to 50 microns in a worn chuck. This wear is limited in LEUCO chucks due to the bearing located in the nut which reduces friction every time the tool is tightened or loosened. Lesser quality chucks begin their life at around 75 microns and quickly wear their way to 250 microns of concentric inaccuracy. This means noisy cutting, overstress on the machine spindle and a poor finish on the material being cut.

Tool 2 Sino Chuck

The Sino chuck has much higher radial stiffness than a collet chuck and runout of only 5 to 10 microns. This chuck is perfect for solid carbide tooling as the end user can change tools onsite like a collet chuck whilst experiencing all the benefits of a highly accurate tool holding system.

Tool 3 Tribos Chuck

The ultimate in chuck accuracy. The Tribos chuck system has been sold for many years by R & S with the very first ones sold still running in our customers machines today. With a minimal of 2 microns of runout this chuck will stay accurate. Some of the benefits of these chucks are- -higher feed speeds meaning higher production -very quiet operation -less stress on the machine spindle inreasing lifetime operation hours -better finsh quality on the material edge means no chipping or sanding -increased dust extraction due to improved airflow around chuck This chuck is very suitable for disposable knife or diamond tools.

Tool 4 Tribos vs Collet Chuck

In this video you can see the difference in performance between a Tribos chuck and a standard collet chuck. For all your CNC tool clamping requirements talk to the experts at R & S about what is best for your production needs. Call us on 0800 TOOLING.