Our business started as a small saw doctor in Ponsonby Road in 1961. Today the sharpening and manufacturing workshop is considerably bigger, being one of the largest in New Zealand. It still holds place at the heart of our business although the equipment these days is a lot more sophisticated.

Our highly skilled team of Saw doctors, Toolmakers and Machinists has the ability to sharpen to the finest honed edge almost any tool, manufacture a range of steel or aluminum profile heads to fit HSS or tungsten carbide tools and can also create complex interlocking precision profiles to match our customerís requirements.


ROBSIN brand profiling heads with safety pinned HSS or disposable tungsten carbide knives are made exclusively by us. From standard edge profiling, sash profiles with matching counter tenon profiles or trenching we make all of our heads safety pinned and located at the base. This ensures that our end users can have the confidence to use their machines with minimal risk of personal injury and also by locating the knives we allow you fast, accurate and easy setup of the knives achieving a concentric cutting arc for all the knives cutting edges so the finish quality is high meaning less or no sanding.

HAKKANSON band saw blading is considered to be of the highest quality carbon steel and bi metal. We import the milled (not ground as some cheaper alternatives) blades from Sweden in large rolls and then through a process of welding and annealing they are joined to any length you may require. Our band saw manufacturing sets the standard for band saw welding in New Zealand with all welds GUARRANTEED for the lifetime of the blade.

LEUCO German knife steel is used with genuine18% tungsten alloy mix for our planer/jointer knives and these can be produced at any length you may require up to 1000mm.

Our workshop can manufacture and customise a range of tooling especially for your needs. Custom modifications can also be done to bore the arbor or locking pin holes for saw blades, change router bit profiles, and much more. Talk to us about any customised tooling requirement you may have as our sharpening and manufacturing workshop can do almost anything.

Knife Profiling

All of the profile knives we produce are precision ground and we can make any custom profile from a drawing or sample of the profile you are trying to recreate. Or you can choose from any of over 7000 profiles we have currently have available. This department is led by one of our most experienced tradesman who has been with R and S for over 25 years.
Why is our profile service so popular? Because we produce accurate profiles which are exactly the same every time we make them. Even complex counter matching profiles are no problem for us. If you are unsure of how to create a certain profile, talk to one of our sales team who will gladly guide though this process.


Tool sharpening has undergone somewhat of a revolution with the advent of the tungsten carbide tip. Our skilled Saw doctors still retain the ability to grind almost any tool into shape from garden implements to picture framing knives or older style steel tip saws. For tungsten carbide saw blades we are now using computerized machines which calculate the position of each tip to accurately grind the same amount from every tip. The amount is removed is nominal and some customers have reported up to 5 times more blade life whilst using our services over some of our cheaper competitors. We can also repair broken or missing teeth, straighten the saw body through a process called tensioning and ensure that every tooth is aligned perfectly around the saw blade. Precision sharpening is our specialty and even the most difficult hollow ground face is no problem for us. We take every care to ensure your tool is returned in perfect condition for example your Planer knife sets are simultaneously ground on a long bed machine which means perfectly height matched knives every time.

We sharpen and repair almost all types of the following,

Saw blades
Profile knives
Garden tools
Drill bits Chisels
Band saw blades
Resaw blades
Electric Hedging
Jiffy saws

Router bits (including spirals)
Planer knives
Hand saws
Mitre knives
Shredder blades
Brisket blades and Meat saws
Shears Scissors and Knives
Hss Eiselle blades

Plus almost anything else,
if youíre unsure please give us a call.